Revolutionizing How Food Pantries Operate!

Revolutionizing How Food Pantries Operate

Using a basic spreadsheet, notes, or even paper & pen to run your food pantry is hard. You often spend too much time recording information like food inventory and student information and lose track of what really matters: students & families getting fed.

Don't worry, we have a solution: EZ Pantry is a revolutionary iOS app that can help you run your food pantry while serving the needs of the students and families that use it. With features and tools designed for both administrator and student use, this app has all you need to accomplish your goals!

Save Time & Energy!

Save time & energy by expediting your inventory management and checkout process

Help families!

Serve family needs by rapidly notifying them of pantry updates and displaying important information about available food items

Keep the food pantry secure!

Have security checks in place to make sure that the correct people are obtaining food


You no longer need to call in or visit the site to check what items are available! Easily view the inventory of your food pantry and check how much information about your favorite food items, such as quantity remaining and allergies

  • View Food Item Information (Quantity, Allergies, Description, etc)
  • Sort and Filter Food Items
  • Interactive UI


Administrators and students no longer have to waste time checking out items! Simply scan out items using your device camera and the inventory is automatically updated!

  • Checkout Items using Barcodes or Manual Lookup
  • Customize what food items students can or can't check out


An an administrator at the Food Pantry, you can view many statistics regarding food pantry and student activity!

  • See the number of people visiting
  • See how many times an item is being checked out
  • View individual stats about students such as last time they checked out


EZ Pantry allows students and administrators to get notified whenever there are changes made

  • Administrators get notified when food items are running low
  • Administrators can send messages to students
  • Students get notified when new food items are added


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